The prolific economist will discuss the US banking crisis as well as how Russia and China have changed the global economy, plus much more!
I am LIVE at 8:45PM eastern 5:45PM Pacific TONIGHT 3/25 for a packed stream on geopolitical news and analysis.
Expect me live tonight to discuss the Xi-Putin Summit and much more!
Biden spent millions shooting down balloons from the sky to ramp up tensions with China.
Catch us at 10:30AM eastern 7:30 Pacific TODAY 3/18!! Link below:
We have a TON to discuss in a very busy period of geopolitical and global developments relating to the Ukraine conflict, China, and more.
Stream begins at 8:45 PM eastern/5:45PM Pacific. I will be live to discuss a whirlwind in geopolitics over the last week or so!
Join me at 9PM eastern 6PM Pacific as we discuss the latest developments relating to Ukraine, China, Taiwan and much more.
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