US meddling in Kazakhstan is part of a longer historical process of proxy war and color revolution
It includes my story of how I entered the political struggle and why China is such an important part of my work
A special Left Lens with me, Danny Haiphong, discussing my latest articles
A recent report in The Nation magazine accomplishes both by inducing readers with a steady dose of Cold War leftism and condemnation of those critical…
5-minute Rants w/Danny HaiphongListen now (5 min) | A new segment where I provide a brief analysis of ongoing political developments from a socialist perspective
In this short piece for CGTN, I discuss Joe Biden's hollow one-year commemoration of the January 6th riot at the Capitol building
I discussed my article on socialist achievements with Nick and Karim from the International Leftist Coalition
We discussed China-Africa relations and the New Cold War
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